mork calling orson, come in orson

touching the spawn loadout truck at start of the round sends me into orbit lel

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63km away from the point... Bruh

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Hey @b4ndo,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Can you give us more details? Did this happen frequently?
Thank you in advance!


it does happen quite a bit yes, sometimes we can hear brakes screeching by the resupply truck at first spawn with a constant loop. this is a given then, walk upto the front of the truck, touch it then it happens. u might have to jump etc. it seems to be quite random regarding others in the server it doing the same too, me and a friend tested it and sometimes it would work with us both then only me or him.

its a bit of a forced glitch to be honest we only found it by chance jumping on the trucks etc messing about so its not really a critical bug, great fun though 🙂

i'll sort out some video software and we will try to replicate and record it for you guys and some more stuff we found too

Hey @b4ndo,

Thanks for the further information! I'll be really helpful for us if you can record it!

@chaton there you go bud

🙂 not quite the orbit height i was hoping for this time but you will get the idea hehehe

we will keep testing

Youtube Video

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Thank you for the clip! I'll pass it on to our QA team!

@b4ndo said in mork calling orson, come in orson:

sends me into orbit

To be pedantic: at 63km you're not even in space yet, much less orbit 🤓

That's some serious Arma-level physics going on there. Maybe they'll be an aliens update eventually?