3 Things. Player visibility and this spot I found on Ministry. Audio and suppression.

Out of map spot and able to cap a point from under that map: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/433769613
And absolutely invisible enemy: https://www.twitch.tv/catnipples/clip/StupidOpenMomDAESuppy?filter=clips&range=7d&sort=time

These are just two bugs and glitches and BS that are in this game. Please smooth out the gameplay in this game!

As for the audio, it seems to be most noticeable in Ministry. What I have been seeing... or hearing in this case, is horrible sound mapping. Both axis X and Z and Y have horrible problems. More so the Y axis. For example, when I am, say, on the top most floor of Ministry, I can fully hear foots steps gun shots, ambient noise, glass breaking, etc. as if there is no Y axis for sound that is resonating from below you at all. This makes it very confusing because you think you hear someone RIGHT BESIDE YOU, then they go to the other side and it screws with you; all while the player is a floor below you.

On the other hand, the sounds that are resonating from above you are actually decent. The downside to this, is if the player figures out that the sound is below him, he can crouch walk into a position without the player below him hearing it. This makes for a VERY unfair and unbalanced playing field.

Now a bug, in my opinion, with sounds that resonate above you, is it's not always above you that you hear this audio affect. If a player is RIGHT BESIDE YOU with NO OBSTRUCTIONS, but one stairs landing above, these sounds will come into effect.

Last thing on audio. You character produces footsteps based on every (insert distance) traveled, a footstep sound is made. But the engine account for Y axis. Going up or down stair, since they are on a slant, it is less X and Z distance traveled, so the audio skips because it doesn't know that you are going up stairs.

P.S. I know whoever reads this will have an aneurysm because it is poorly explained. BUT THESE ARE THINGS I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO BE REPORTING!!!

Hello @CatNipples,

Thank you for taking the time to report these issues. I'll forward them to NWI, so they can look into it!