Firemode doesn't reset after dieing or ever

I played a game today. I went to kill someone using a gun I hadn't used for probably 5 days. I go to spray them... oh wait, my gun was still on single fire from when I last used it. Probably to shove up my ass and tap fire through my mouth. WHY?! On top of that, you can't see the firemode selection unless you change firemodes or toggle it on in settings. Your firemode should reset every time you die. Bipods and lasers do, so why not THE FIREMODE?!!!!

I actually like that the game remembers the fire selection mode, especially since I tend to use primarily one mode with specific guns. I don't want to have to switch my MP5 to auto or M-4 to semi every time I spawn in.

Just turn on constantly showing fire selection in settings and you're good. Some people want a super minimal HUD, some don't, that's why there's a setting.

I'm one of the few people who try to land precise shots in single fire mode, and only use full auto in the building.
So having it reset every single time would be quite irritating. It's good as it is right now.