World War Z - Undead Sea Update Patch Notes



The Undead Sea Update has arrived, bringing hordes of new content! Check it out in the trailer below:

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You can now take on a totally new mission in Tokyo aboard an undead-infested ferry, where you and your squad will battle through open decks and tight cabins in one of the game’s most intense challenges yet. But beware: a virulent new zombie type is on the loose, one which spits deadly toxins and will come back to life if not dispatched appropriately. Create your own private lobbies and enjoy the new FoV and animation quality slider.

The next updates in the post-launch content roadmap for World War Z includes a new six-skull difficulty setting, a Weekly Challenge mode, a wave-based survival mode, the ability to switch classes during PvPvZ matches, bonus cosmetics, and more.


We want to extend a huge thanks to the community for the consistent and quality feedback we’ve been receiving since the game launched. It has helped the team determine which new features to work on first.

If you have any feedback or encounter an issue, please let us know on the official forums. You can also join our Discord to meet fellow Survivors and get the latest news from the team:

The changes below are for all platforms. PC-specific changes are listed under a separate heading.

Patch Notes

New Content:

  • Added Tokyo 3 level.
  • Added new special zombie that will spawn on all levels.

New Features

  • Added private lobbies.
  • Added ability to host the game locally in private lobbies. (Only on Xbox and PS4 at the moment, same functionality will be available on PC later)
  • Added ability to disable bots in private lobbies.
  • Added UI that shows maximum difficulty each level was completed on.
  • Added FoV scale slider.
  • Added option to change PvP loadout during the game.


  • Added feature that will prevent Lurker from spawning near players that are joining the game in progress.
  • Tripled delay, which governs how often Lurker can spawn in the exact same position.
  • Constant sprinting will now aggro zombies from a bigger distance.
  • Reworked “zombie stagger” mechanics. When hit, zombies used to play a long hit animation based on gun caliber and an element of randomness. Now they will play hit animations based on gun caliber and if they are hit repeatedly in a short period. This will make shotguns and fast firing weapons more consistent at staggering zombies.
  • AI Director will spawn less primary weapons if players are already carrying tier 3 weapons.
  • When AI Director decides to spawn a small wave of zombies, it will contain more zombies, but the wave duration will be shorter.
  • Made stealth more consistent across all levels; executing perfect stealth will delay the first wave of non-swarm zombies.
  • Increased chance of spawning special zombies in idle state.


  • Compact SMG. Non-silenced version deals 8% more damage.
  • Machine Pistol. Bottom branch version 5 deals 6% more damage.
  • Machine Pistol. Increased rate of fire by 9% for all versions.
  • Sporting Carbine. Top branch versions deal 5% more damage.
  • Sporting Carbine. Bottom branch versions’ mag size is increased by 3.
  • Advanced SMG. Non-silenced version 5 deals 5% more damage.
  • Advanced SMG. Increased accuracy of both version 4’s.
  • Sniper Rifle. Top branch now has a bigger magazine and better handling.
  • Sniper Rifle. Bottom branch deals bigger damage with more penetration and accuracy.
  • Heavy Sniper Rifle. Reduced projectile size to prevent accidental detonations.
  • Revolver. Significantly increased damage. It will be able to kill a zombie on the highest difficulty with 1 shot.
  • Double-Barreled Shotgun. Doubled the distance at which damage begins to reduce.
  • Double-Barreled Shotgun. Reduced damage in PvP by 8%.
  • Secondary Grenade Launcher. Increased max ammo from 3 to 5.
  • Improved hit detection in PvP.
  • C4 will no longer detonate in midair if hit by a friendly fire (it still can be detonated after it lands on something).
  • Fixed some of the visual upgrades not showing up properly in weapon customization screen.
  • Fixed some of the weapon variant icons not reflecting actual visual weapon upgrades on that weapon.
  • Fixed Pump-Action shotgun displaying LOD model as well as the actual model.
  • Fixed gun recoil reset when swapping weapons.


  • Stim Pistol will now prioritize players in downed state when multiple targets are available.
  • If multiple players are using “Please Stand Up” perk, only one will trigger if the entire team is down.
  • All “Spawn with a Heavy Weapon” type perks will now properly adjust heavy weapons that are picked up during gameplay.


  • Improved performance.
  • Fixed several gameplay crashes.
  • Fixed several issues causing disconnects when joining friend’s game in progress.
  • Fixed issue that was causing 2 players appearing as the same character in game.


  • Fixed a large number of gameplay bugs that were causing inability to progress in levels.
  • Made some adjustments to AI Director that will make Moscow 3, Tokyo 2, Jerusalem 1, Jerusalem 3, and NY 3 slightly harder and Jerusalem 2 and Tokyo 1 slightly easier.
  • Improved navigation on Moscow 2 level.
  • Fixed issue that was causing zombie health scaling to trigger incorrectly for some zombies. In general, this makes Very Hard and Insane difficulties a little bit harder.

General fixes

  • Fixed issue that was causing Aim Assist to work even if it was disabled in options.
  • Improved pickup selection system when multiple objects could be picked up by player.
  • Fixed issue that was causing player to respawn with 0 ammo.
  • Fixed issue that was preventing dead players turning into zombies in some cases.
  • Added backpacks for character models in “Collection” screen.
  • Fixed crash on party leader change during session start countdown.
  • Fixed issue that was causing pickup progress bar not to appear in some cases.
  • Fixed player and specialization level display sync in scoreboard and in lobby.
  • Fixed Barricade defense kit icon display on HUD.
  • Backstory unlocked UI indicator will no longer display if you have already unlocked the backstory video.
  • Fixed issue that was causing some weapons to deal less damage with explosive ammo active in PvP.
  • Fixed friendly/enemy player overhead marker not appearing in some cases.
  • Fixed “Floor is Lava” trophy not triggering correctly.
  • Player will no longer drop defense kits when picking up C4 charges in Japan 2 level.

PC Difficulty

  • Zombies are harder to stagger on Very Hard and Insane difficulty (PC only).
  • Zombies take 25% less damage from body shots on Insane difficulty (PC only).
  • Reduced player revive timer from 40 to 20 on Insane difficulty (PC only).

PC Specific Fixes

  • Fixed friend list displayed as empty for some of the players.
  • Fixed issue with rebinding Sprint button on right shift button.
  • Added Animation Quality slider that adjusts animation LODs, number of ragdolls and number of dead bodies in general.
  • Slightly reduced time to kill other players in PvP for all weapons.


  • Improved Vulkan performance.
  • Improved Vulkan stability.
  • Fixed GPU idle calculations in benchmark mode.
  • Fixed blood decals rendering when using Vulkan.
  • Fixed flickering on some objects when using Vulkan.
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I want to advise the black screen issue is still happening when trying to load a map during online play. Here's what i found out, i got my friend to create a VPN server as he has fiber connection and i connect to his router. If i do this i can load online maps 100% of the time but if i use my internet to try to load online games i get the black screen loading screen. I don't see how this is my issue as every other game works perfectly fine (Battlefield, APEX etc) so something is still broken with this part of the game.

finally!!!!! thank you devs for adding the new content and most of all the private lobbies. you guys actually delivered. would be nice to have a forum base where we can report toxic and hackers but that's for another forum I guess. but with private lobbies hopefully wont have to deal with that anymore anyways. cheers fellas!!!!!!!!!

Feels weird to see that there isn't support for 3440x1440 resolution yet, I just bought the game but I feel like wishing to request a refund.

What about the Small White Words down below the screen? Hide those letters plz……

Help pls, after this update I cant connect to servers

Good update love the new level. I think the Tokyo 1 level should be the same though I like it been hard. Give my accomplishment if we actually do finish the level. Maybe New York 1 should be easier in my opinion as stacking the boxes you can get swarmed a little too easy. Overall love the new update cant wait to play more and actually play the pvpvz as I'm fully leveled up now in pvz

South america servers??

Bulls do not stagger by chainsaw swing attack(RMB+LMB) anymore. Is this an intended change or a glitch?

@Jellyfoosh Finally, Vulkan crashing fixed.

When will, or will we ever have weapon upgrades for weapons like the double barrel shotgun or Revolver?

I cant still invite my friends, really? 😕

Terrific Update. I just read through the patch notes and download is in progress. Lotta Quality of life fixes that really bugged me like Tokyo-2 defense kits getting dropped with C4 because I always try to bring an automatic turret from the bridge to the final battle to guard the fence and kill that pesky lurker spawn there.

One thing that needs to be in the next update is NYC-2 final battle. This happens so much in Solo Queue on mutliplayer it's like an inside joke. Your team makes it all the way to the end of the level and do very well then one random jackass runs to button and starts the final battle before anyone touches the end game loot or sets up any defenses. I think in order to fix this to start the "Final Swarm" you all have to be inside the control room before it can be activated. I'd say about 60%-75% of my games on 3 star+ difficulty are lost on this level because of rushed button pushing at the end by one person and everyone is scrambling to kill the idle zombies, set up defenses, and etc. I know it's not an isolated just to me either. Alot of the times I'm in a group and NYC 2 comes up and people quit straight out.

It's a great map though I wouldn't change a single thing except that... and maybe in the chamber with the falling zombies you can push the button to close the door if people are incapacitated, but all standing member are in the next zone. Alot of the times people get downed on the bottom floor just from not having any meds after the poison room. New players didnt bring a chainsaw or super shotgun to blow through the mobs and even then your party takes damage. It's a great spot that need alot of teamwork to get through, but sometimes you look at your health bar and know your boned cause you gotta pickup and crawl through it.

Really though my biggest beef is with the final button, I'd keep the rest as is if that could just be changed to a team "assembly here" then button push. It's gotten to the point I've even started skipping the level when usually I'll replay it out till I win.

Edit: Ok Insane mode is pretty impossible now offline you guys kinda broke solo play... You get hit by so many special infected at once one person has no chance. 2 bulls, an infector, 2 gasbags and a lurker in the first mall swarm fight not even 5-10 seconds after the swarm triggers. How are you supposed to deal with that? Oh yeah i forgot about 15 seconds in a screamer joins in, so you have to solo kill two bulls, the infector, hope the AI kills the gas bags and somehow keep the pyramid contained I did pretty good a few time but then the special infected reset 20-30 seconds later... its just too much

Also the Infectors seem overpowered or bugged. It takes 2 full clips to bring one down and I tested them with one behind bars and put 3 revolver shells into its head and it still didnt go down. These things are absolute bullet sponges and the disinfect takes way toooooooo long. cut the disinfect time down from 25%-50%

I play on xbox btw. I think the idea of two Bulls at once is a bad idea. They are supposed to be the juggernaut of infected and they do a pretty darn good job on their own. Fighting two bulls almost garuntees one grabs someone on your team cause there is just not enough room to maneuver while your fighting swarms of zeek and 4 other special infected at once. Special infected appearance rate is way higher to the point i'd say its broken and they are more of common enemy then special. The constant lurker spawns were bad but this is way worst.

Final thought after playing the patch for 15-20 hours on 3-5 star difficulties:

  1. Bulls need to go back to one at a time.
  2. Infector needs a nerf to disinfect time and improved weakness to headshots.
  3. Lurkers are fine now
  4. Two gasbags at once makes more sense even though it is annoying, keep it.

Rest seems fine. Alot of the level changes were good especially Jerusalem 3, final fight is alot better and challenging besides the wonky number of special infected running around. I cant tell you how many times my team gets destroyed by two bulls it pretty sad when your team is doing so good and two people get bull rushed, you might as well hit main menu button at that point or if your a fixer masking grenade to the next checkpoint cause it's almost impossible to get rez off and fight the hoard with two people and it's causing me to lose alot of people mid game from giving up and I really cant blame em.

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When will saving to the cloud appear? I would like to play in different places with the preservation of their progress, and not start the game again.

Can we please get first person view, more melee weapons, dual pistols/magnums, boss zombie during escape chapters? First person view will really show us the details of gore when getting head shots etc. I feel this really isn't too much to ask for and makes a way better playing experience. THANKS

I have a problem with the loading screen.
First of all after the intro, when it says "press Enter button" it doesn't work.

It seems like the game cannot recognize the keyboard and I don't have anything else plugged except the mouse.
I've tried everything but nothing works.

I have to say that once (I don't have any idea of how it happened), I managed to reach the main menu, then I checked the settings and everything was fine, I started a game and there's the same problem again, no respons to any command from the keyboard or from the mouse, my character couldn't move, turn, shoot or aim...nothing, the Escape button didn't work too.

I checked everything, from the game's files to my PC and peripherals settings.
Before this update, I was able to play the game normally without any problems.

I'm from south america and we really need a server. We have to play with +190 latency and to be honest, it's quite awful, you don't get to enjoy the game.

Welcome. Dear developers, please add the ability to switch the camera from the first person (for example in PUBG). I hope this message will see it and take note. Thanks.

@Alex_666rus been asking the same thing at least once a week. I feel the request is being ignored due to not being a high demand 😔