We earn credits too slow - Game doesn't feel rewarding enough

So I was just going through all the uniforms/camos. Was interested in throwing together a cool looking British Army uniform since I've looked like an US Marine for so long. Thought it would look AWESOME with the L85... however I then realised I not only don't have enough credits for it.... but I won't have enough for a very, very long time.
Because not only would I need to buy the Polypat camo, but I'd also need to buy EVERY piece of equipment (light armour, heavy carrier etc) in the same camo too.... and new headgear...

I am approaching level 100 and really don't have that much stuff, which is really disappointing to see after 166 hours of this game (which I f@#%ing love). I heard somewhere that its 100 credits per level up? This rate simply isn't rewarding enough.
I understand that cosmetics are the only form of progression Sandstorm has but it's too grindy.
If a developer is reading in, I would thoroughly appreciate it if you could consider maybe increasing the rate in which players earn credits, or reducing the cost of every item substantially.
Thanks and much appreciated guys! Loving the updates.

Also, could you perhaps look at adding a black camo for Security Forces? Obviously not one that's too invisible of course.

level 100 at 166 hours? those are rookie numbers son, you need to pump them up.

The credits aren't meant to be a gratification system, your reward is the feeling of being victorious and by farming as many heads as you can with your akm using ironsights.

If they adjusted credits earnt per level now they'd have to compensate every player, same for if they adjusted credit cost of items, they'd have to have a way to track every players purchases so they can fairly compensate every player, otherwise you'd have some controversial outrage and the game reviews would plummet beyond what they are at currently.

I've yet to hear of a level cap and I've seen multiple level 400's and 500's already, The idea behind the credits and cosmetics is that the ability to earn the credits to unlock a new cosmetic gives you reason to keep playing to earn them, it's the gratification reward system games use by hiding it behind a unlock mechanic.

Once you get the gear you want on average most players will stop playing, or their hours played with drastically reduce. (in theory)
But then with how things have gone it looks like the devs dont really give a toss since the game is broken and dead and they just throw more wood on the fire instead of fixing the cracked concrete foundation.

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I'm not asking for compensation. I just think some of the purchases are absurd. Why should I cough up another 10 hours of game play to put a backpack in a camo I already own?

You're so certain the game is "broken and dead" (it clearly isn't when you can get full games all day/night) and yet here you are on the forums?
Furthermore, with the showcase of two more guns and a map remaster so soon after the recent update... I think the devs do give a toss.

This is very true, i wanted to buy stupid combat googles and it feels like forever...

I'm a very casual player and feel this deeply. I have a very basic customization and am just not going to change it because it would take me dozens of hours to get the gear I would want. Nevermind for Insurgent, which feels all bad appearance-wise, causing me to give up on it looking good.

I respect that not being able to play a lot means I just can't get everything, and that's fine, but some things are, individually, out of the question. 1000 credits is 10 levels, which can take 40+ games, or 20 hours of gameplay, assuming no losses. Even less if you (like me) like playing Frenzy which gives absolutely abysmal XP, win or lose. This isn't fun.

My thought for a better way: Tie credits to the game, same as XP. The base amount (100 per level) remains the same, or perhaps a small increase, but additional credits can be gained by gaining accolades, getting points, and playing the objective. You could play your K/D and not care and keep getting your 100/level, or play well and do 300 or more.