Bots are way too good at killing helicopters

As it says on the cover; the AI is supernaturally good at taking down helicopters, and it really just makes coop worse as an experience.

So while earlier it may have been a rare and unfortunate occurrence, now it's practically a guarantee that one or even both helicopters will be lost without doing much on anything against the bots.

This creates a situation where it really feels like there's no point to using these supports, since they keep getting taken out without doing much on anything, and it really is a gamble whether they'll be able to do anything before inevitably being destroyed.

What this means is that the support becomes much worse and instead of being a powerful one time use support, becomes a throwaway gamble with the vague hope that that it might be able to take down some enemies.

I don't know. I had an attack chopper going for +10 kills a couple of days ago. It may be possible to help the chopper by placing it better, though i haven't been able to test it enough. They do go down easily, that's true.

The topic goes for drones for sure though. They barely ever reach target.

I also can confirm that in COOP games in some of the helicopter attacks it will quickly get shot down by bots, but also
that they will do 6 - 10 kills in average, so it seems to be balanced to me.

It really depends on the location where the helicopter is sent to.
If it gets support by players decimating the bots, it´s survival chances are rising.

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