I recently just got Insurgency and have been freaking loving it. But there have been a few things I've been pretty disappointed in. I downloaded CTE to try out Ministry and Frenzy and had no trouble playing Frenzy. But after clicking ministry I could not get into a game for a couple hours. After getting into a couple I had to wait for the player count to hit 4 and had no luck. Out of the 8 times i clicked Ministry I only got in the game twice. Other than that it seems like an okay map. Next up is the Competitive mode in the regular Insurgency Sandstorm game (not CTE). I cannot even remember how long my screen was on while waiting for a match. Unfortunately I have still not had the pleasure of playing Competitive. I am not sure if these are player or server issues but I know the matchmaking system needs to be tweaked for sure.Untitled.jpg