Stuck joining server - PC

Still having issues stuck Joining Server. Have had this problem since day 1.
Only way to get it to work is to connect to my friends VPN which he is on a different ISP and on fiber. I have even tried bringing my PC into work and it joins perfectly from there.
All ports forwards are active.
Is there some way the WWZ servers have blocked my ISP's subnet preventing me from joining online games?

Exact same problem. I have yet to play a game co-op with a friend since purchase. Very disappointing.

@BOGAK looks like you've answered your question yourself. If it works over friends network and not on yours, something's blocking connection on your side.

Check your firewall, Anti-Virus software and literally anything that may block connection to service.

Also, please make sure following ports are open:
TCP: 11700 - 11710
UDP: 48800 – 49000

Nothing is blocked outbound i can guarantee you that, I've checked the logs. Firewall is off, DMZ is set to on so everything is routed to me only in and out. Something is not letting me hit your servers when trying to join.
PS: i don't use any sort of anti-virus/malware software. Windows Defender is even disabled.

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Thankfully I'm Australian based and protected by the ACCC. I emailed Epic Games explaining the problem and that the game had a 'major problem'. Despite speaking with developers. Despite posting in the forums. Despite problem solving software and hardware. Despite waiting patiently for the 'magic patch'. Co-Operative play (for me) never worked in this game. Which is a real pity because it is a fun game to play, but without functional co-op play that fun is short lived.

I was given a full refund within 48 hours.

While this wont help my friends in the USA (your consumer rights aren't as generous), those in Australia or Europe may want to explore this avenue if you're at the end of your tether.

Yes and I've narrowed it down to UPNP. I can see in the logs that WWZ requests my router to open 41414 but somehow that request gets ignored on my router. Seems like this is due to my modem/router being around 8 years old and the current UPNP WWZ wants it's not supported on my router. I can totally confirm it as I've used a router (different brand) that's around the same age and it suffers the same issue. Borrowed a router that is current (2018 model) and it works. Why this only affects WWZ i do not know but you might want to pass this on to your network team or the like. From my point of view, i'm not buying a new router just for this game since every other game works perfectly fine for me. Yes i can spend very little money on a new router but at the same time i don't want a simple router.
Hopefully you guys can somehow narrow it down as to why this is an issue and get it fixed.

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