What are we playing towards?

Why am I spending my time on this game? What am I working towards? A rank? Cosmetics? What?

There are no daily jobs, no missions, no playing for weapon upgrades, ranks mean nothing, no kill goals, no rewards for capping OBJs, no rewards for defending OBJs. I could literally go on forever. I have ran out of goals. Leveling is getting boring and redundant, cosmetics feel like they are just being given to us and have ABSOLUTELY no novelty value, there are no leader boards. There is no incentive to "get good" in this game. Hell, you have so many people just complaining and whining because they have nothing else to focus their attention on and they start noticing all the BS.

A game that relies souly on its core gameplay better have damn good core gameplay. Ex. DayZ, Squad, Arma, Minecraft. If not, the game will not last long AT ALL! And with the rate of updates and hotfixes to this game, I feel like I am dieing with it.

I think it was a massive mistake making cosmetics soooooo easy to obtain ingame and/or they just have any appeal to them. Why don't you have cosmetics you can buy with IRL money? Ones that make people go "Awww, he got the velcros" (upvote if you get the reference xD).

I won't say anything more, cause I am sure people will catch on to this. I hope.

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Fuck no to microtransactions. Some of the cosmetics are expensive and take forever to get.

This game just needs far more content, like Insurgency. It is severely lacking in content compared to the previous game.

It also needs about 100 bug fixes.

A good reason for me to continuously play this game is the very rewarding feeling that you get in COOP games when my team succesfully neutralizes a high amount of bots on custom servers.
The teamplay is much better in most cases ( although on regular servers the teamplay also got significantly better since the newly introduced hardcore gamemode )
Why not try to play this game as efficient as possible ? ( trying to reduce your own deaths and those of your teammates to zero )
It´s always a good feeling to save your teammates in dangerous situations.
And at the end of the match i mostly say : " Yesss, that was a good game ! "

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@GSG_9_LIGHTNING @CatNipples Bettering your own playstyle is not a reason to keep playing the game. If that is your sole goal, I have no idea how the hell that is motivating you. It should come naturally while playing the game, and the game itself should accurately reflect your effort and you should be able to appreciate it in some way, adding to the experience. Sandstorm does not do this, nor does it have enough content or good core mechanics and general gameplay to keep you going on to even see yourself improve. I rarely see anyone over rank 50 these days - everyone is cycling out once they notice the game actually kinda sucks, then the new people come in and are complete garbage, only playing until they hit somewhere around rank 50 and drop out because the game is not rewarding in the slightest

The only thing that could be kinda rewarding in this game is the competitive mode which is incredibly dry, repetitive, and underplayed (justifiably), all while being built on a game that is already fairly dry and repetitive and that has horrifically bad hit registration, character rendering issues/popping, snapping, etc, and core gameplay mechanics that not only break the immersion, but also break the balance of the game that the devs seem to continue to perpetuate

@TheScout105 I can't tell if you are agreeing with me or not. That being said, you are 100% right. The game isn't rewarding, and it is just a constant cycle of noobs.
As for "bettering playstyles," well I also can't tell if you agree 😂. Content isn't just maps, guns, cosmetics, etc. Those are all novelties in the long run. We aren't playing 'for' new maps and guns and they shouldn't feel like rewards. Even winning game don't feel like rewards anymore because well, they aren't.

Look at how basically every sport works. They have pre season, main season, and playoffs or whatever. Not that sandstorm should have seasons. But these sports play aren't just playing for fun, they want to win, and what is driving them to win is the reward. They also have stats, ranking, etc. In the long run, it's really all the same. Why put effort into something and get nothing in return?

@TheScout105 also, the whole game is dry xD

Sorry but I read too much negativity here.
If you guys don´t feel rewarded in any form it might be a subjective experience on your side.
One reason for players only having 50´s rank also might be that they are continuing playing on custom servers which don´t raise the rank.
I always play on custom servers ( until i want to have new cosmetic items ) and i think many other coop players act similar.
Because the "standard" ( official NWI server settings ) only offer reduced fun.
If i only played on official servers i would have reached a rank far beyond 400 with my 772 hours of coop gameplay.
Right now its just around rank 91 or so.

For me there is no comparable FPS game on the market ( at the moment ) which offers such a great fun with up to 10 players in COOP games and which also offers so freakin intense and atmospheric gameplay.
I enjoy any minute of the game, even if there are still bugs which need to be fixed, i never would stop playing this awsome game !
Thank you NWI for this masterpiece !

If you guys are bored or don´t have any motivation to play it longer, then it might be time for you guys to move on and play some other games.
May be you return in Q1 of 2020 and look what has changed during your absence.

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Insurgency 2014 and Day of Infamy did just fine without any daily jobs or something, having badass moments in-game or winning succesfully in my case at least feels like reward enough.

@Olanov It is awesome and very satisfactory to have those badass moments, ngl.