Insurgent Bots get stuck on COOP Rafinery map on concrete walls ( Players starting as Security Forces )

Just after starting the round on Rafinery map ( on the way to Alpha mission objective ) there are some bots who get stuck on that "new concrete walls" .
Players can see them waiting on that location because their weapon barrels do not collide with the walls ( which is very dissapointing in a 2018 FPS game )
Their weapon muzzles are completely visible.
The bots just jump up on their location ( being aware of the enemy contact ) but they are not able to run around the concrete walls.
It´s very easy to shoot them through the vertical gaps without having the risk of being attacked by them.
Even passing the concrete wall in leaned postion for a clean shot does not make the bots run around the corner and open fire as it
should be in that situation.

Please have a look at these screenshots :


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Also, on the final point on this map - playing as insurgents - the technical gets stuck on those same barriers.

They simply haven't amended the navmesh for the bots. Are we surprised?

Hello both!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I'll pass these screenshots on to the team, so they can look into this issue.