Hello: This is a fatal bug in EasyAntiCheat that I have experienced on my third session with the game and it is persistent, making it impossible to play. I am playing in campaign only so the Anti-Cheat program serves no purpose there, but is apparently running. I don't use any 3P software that could touch the game except Nividia's Geforce Experience software. (I will try stopping that but it is so common it should not set this off.) The bug has been reported several times on Steam forums over the course of several months with no reliable solution posted. The game crashes and freezes the PC, so that it the machine is totally unresponsive. There is no bluescreen but there is a frozen game screen with an inability to switch to another window, although Alt-Tab will cycle through other windows you cannot enter the other windows in this state. For me the crash always occurs at the launch battle screen after pressing launch battle.
During the crash, the task manager does not function even if it is already running. When shutting down manually, an error message appears saying that there is an "EasyAntiCheat violation error 00001." These same events with the same error were reported by others on Steam. I would appreciate the developers addressing this because it renders the game unplayable. Thank you.

PS - Someone on steam recommended putting the following command into steam launch options: -NoEAC. But that returns an error "missing executable." Even if it worked it would not solve the compatibility issue, but it doesn't work for me. Thanks

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