Server hangs during graceful exit when shutting down EasyAntiCheatServer

Starting within the past 24 hours, often when gracefully shutting down my servers via RCON exit command or SIGTERM kill signal, my servers will hang at the following log message

[199]LogModuleManager: Shutting down and abandoning module EasyAntiCheatServer (110)

Note that this is after RCON has shut down, so the server is unreachable remotely at this point and must be manually killed.

As SIGKILL doesn't run the graceful shutdowns of these modules, the server process actually stops, but users must have local access (or some scripting/automation) to be able to SIGKILL the process, while a remote RCON exit is more convenient.

This is affecting all 5 of the servers I manage currently, regardless of OS or location.

Note that currently the servers appear to be rebooting smoothly; could this issue be dependent on EAC server status? Ideally shutting down the EAC server module would never cause the process to hang.