Separate bug report forums for coop and pvp pls

These 2 game types are soooooo different and have 2 way different communities. It also seems as if there are way more bugs in coop, or just the people who play coop do more bug reporting. I'd say it's the second one. PVP has sooooooo many stupid features, bugs, game mechanic issues, balancing issues, etc. The whole game is unbelievably clunky, and since pvp is much faster and requires much more critical thinking, the clunkyness breaks all the rhythm and concentration.

All the reports for coop shroud and overflow the forums making the pvp reports come second.
Please do this.
Alternatively, keep the existing forum, and create a sub section for the individual gamemodes.

This also ties into keeping the updates for pvp and coop separate.

I am bumping this up cause I think it would help the devs.

@chaton Can this be passed on to the people who manage the forums?

What do you guys think?

Nope. These devs have either lost their minds when developing this game or still have no idea on how to use the ue4 engine