is there a little gameplay of the game will show soon ?

I think they mention Gamescom 2019. Maybe we have until then to have gameplay trailer.
but they release several official gameplay trailer for Technomancer, so finger cross for Greedfall.

We'll see 🙂

When I saw the surge 2 in the inside of xbox during E3, I thought maybe some greedfall images would come out somewhere ...

@julsouri Hey

Few minute of new gameplay can be found on this E3 2019 interview with CEO of Spider. It's start around 2.45.00 (few seond new gameplay then minute of old one then few minute of new gameplay.)

Thank you. it looks great. The craft, the city, the clothes ... everything looks so much bigger compared to technomancer.

New gameplay is looking nice, definitely looks like a step up from technomancer.