This, it hit hard, to the spot, it broke my heart. I remember this is the second scene that tears me off.
Selfishness, jealousy, love, for love mirrored humanity, for love it draw out human's bestiary.
To love you i don't mind my hands full of blood, to love you i don't care the end of world,
to love you i can drop my humanity.
I see these qualities in Amicia, in that historical context, a quality that pierce through the flow of time, a question of morality, a question of humanity that never cease to dispute until this day.

I love this game, that is why i'm here, bringing some opinion that hopefully will eventually reach Asobo's and team.
Not enough. Yes, not enough for the story ceasing emotional moment and make it remembered for a lifetime, a classic.
It started well at first and went staggered at the point where Amicia keeping the secret (where her mother is alive) away from Hugo. The confrontation between the siblings should be one of the golden punch line to deliver a very emotional moment that burn in audience mind, that hit, that make audience remember, or even drive youtuber spent time to compile a series of fans' reaction to that particular scene. Example? this one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaQq4-Effeo
Personal opinion, the team had delivered a moderate job on this. For me, that is not enough.

A great game always compiled by one or more classic moment that no matter how long it takes, when you ask an audience 20 years later, he/she can always tell exactly what moment that made them burned with tears or even change their perspective of looking things.

I see Hugo bringing the hordes back to the castle to kill his only and beloved sister shall be the peak of confrontation, to terminate the one he love, how the siblings emotionally attached to each other, how Amicia spurred Hugo to overcome his threshold, how Amicia pull Hugo back from bestiary to humanity, how the sacrifice had finally saved each others, all these shall brought a climax to the chapter. But, what i experienced is simply lookalike excuses yelled by Amicia "to protect you etc", SUDDENLY run towards Hugo and.... that's it. Hugo overcomes his threshold, misunderstandings resolved, love win, that's it. The scene had passed and i got feel nothing when the rats surrounded Amicia and came out alive. It is not rush, is too rushed and too rough for me. The golden opportunity to make a great game was wasted. i feel regret.

The motive and feeling of Amicia going to save her mother by risking his beloved brother should be further develop in a way of cut scene, dialogue for example. Why it make me feel like "oh yeah now i got the most destructive weapon (Hugo) at hand and we shall use him to revenge, save Melie, save mother". Why can't be putting more micro on Amicia's feeling like "I can't help to lose Hugo anymore... i will go where he go now" "Hugo, is it what you want to save mother? even getting your hands stained with blood?" "i will watch over Hugo, i will save mother with my bloody hand instead of Hugo" without asking what Hugo thinking, he is been "decided" as least it gave me this kind of feeling, "hey superboy, let's save our love one, use your power!"

Last several chapters are a rush for me, which i do feel really sorry for the waste of golden plot that may push this game to the level of TLOU if you know what game i mean.
I loved this game. I want it to be perfect. For me and for everyone. I hope there is a redo or enhance for several chapters after Hugo went missing. I do not mind double spend just to see a masterpiece. I want the team to be matured enough to deliver a unforgettable life experience to everyone.

A Plague Tale shall be a classic that make us talk about it for 10 or 20 years to come or people shouting for a remake/remaster 20 years later. Because it was too good. My bless to the game and thankyou very much to Asobo and team for a fantastic well done for this milestone.

Sincerely yours,