Helicrash now crashes your game as well

A helo got shot down by our team, as they now always do thanks to the anti-material rifles, and exactly as the heli crashed my game and that of a few other players, froze for several seconds. After the freeze the game continued to run at about 20 FPS until I closed it entirely.f4a3ca30-c0a7-4fb8-8a67-096cfd14164c-image.png
Take this as evidence that it's not my PC's fault if you want.

Just had this happen on 1.2, Outskirts, checkpoint as security. Last objective, in counter-attack stage. Minigun helo goes down, game freezes for multiple people at the same time, people die, it comes back and catches up, FPS permanently down. No crash, though.

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Hello @ham-cucumber,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Do you happen to have a clip regarding this issue? If possible, can you upload your DxDiag here, please?

Thank you in advance.

I dont have a clip but here is my dxdiag file DxDiag.txt