Does anyone else think the commander A10 gun run support is underwhelming?

While I commend the development team for nailing the animation and sound design for the A10. I find the execution of the commander gun run support option underwhelming. It seems like after you go through all the trouble of tracking down the observer, calling it in, waiting around for it to happen then a single quick burst is all we get? To me the a10 gun run seems to close to the artillery option when it come to use scenario in the game. In real life if troops call for an a10 they stick around a bit and I guarantee they use that gun more then once. I understand this is a game and you have to deal with balancing but you can take inspiration from how thing are done in really life. For example imagine if when you called in the gun run instead of the pilot then leaving. What if the pilot stayed around for a set time limit and within that time limit the commander could call in a set number of additional gun runs with significantly reduced wait times? This I believe not only would add to the realism but also help diversify the different between the artillery and gun run support options. Also we could all use more burrrrrrrt.

@Azure1Zero4 I mean, balance is the thing here lmao. I think the A-10 Strafing Run was designed to essentially work like Day of Infamy's Gun Run for the US Faction.

Also, we already have two helicopters that target stuff automatically and can dominate the map, so I'd rather not give that ability to any more Security Fire Support types.

I mean, the run comes in about 15 seconds, so you could say that the A10 is already loitering in the area and all it did was set up the vector and come instead of coming in all the way from an airbase (which would take much longer).

The length of the burst of fire is about the most realistic part of the A-10 strike, the rest is pretty much fantasy. But realistic air support would be massively out of place in this game. This is a mechanic where gameplay mechanics take precedence.