Suggestions for Coop, weapons and cosmetic

I'm a Coop only player, and after playing Sandstorm for 300 hours I have some suggestions that may help improve the game. Sorry for the bad grammar as English is not my first language.

Coop gameplay:

  • Play maps in opposite direction without changing factions. I like how you can play the same map but in opposite direction and different objectives in Sandstorm's checkpoint mode as it really delivers different experience with the same map. However I don't want to play as insurgents, not only for immersion, but also some objectives are not well-balanced for insurgents (Some maps have open areas to defend and when security helicopter comes in people are getting destroyed). I hope we can play in both directions as security or insurgents so we don't miss any content if we want to stick with a specific faction.

  • Please just get rid of molotov in Frenzy, it's broken.

  • Different enemy model and voice line for Frenzy for better immersion. Currently those supernatural ISIS is kinda weird. Maybe mod support in furture can help fix this.

  • 7x Hunting scope for security weapons. Currently it is only avaliable for insurgent weapons like SVD. But once I had picked up a MK14 that dropped from a security bot with hunting scope on it. I don't see why we can't have it on our own weapon.

I like many new cosmetics mentioned in the latest roadmap, here are some additonal ideads:

  • Make plated carrier and backpacks purely cosmetic. This is just my personal opinion, I wish the appearance is not affected by the choice of armor and carrier so I can make the character looks exactly what I want to be. Also in hardcore mode we won't have people running around without plate carrier which breaks immersion. Maybe we can have more plate carriers and backpacks in furture.

  • Full coloured hard knuckle gloves. It was in game during the alpah and beta, I kinda miss it.

  • A combination of gloves and tactical watch would be nice.


  • ACR. Very cool weapon that is popular in modern military shooter games.

  • HK416. Used by many special forces.

  • SR25. More semi-auto sniper rifles plz!

  • Add MK17 to marksman class so we can have 7x scope on it.

  • A weapon skin system that allows us to change the colour of the weapons and attchments. ( like how ubisoft did in Ghost Recon Wildlands)

Hello @GK_Halbert,

Thanks for your feedback! I'll forward this list to NWI, so they can look into it!