LE Beta, mercenary, and cosmetic ussye

On the matchmaking screen for halflings it says "The opponent is selected randomly. As a RACE_HALFLING team, we add 300 to the team Value."

Pretty sure it shouldnt read "RACE_HALFLING"

Also in the inducement phase it let me buy a mercanary treeman even though I had two trees, it took my money and listed him on the inducements, but it didnt actually let me use him.

In the game after creating my account, there was a window with a Next button telling me about the new features, but it was behind the active window, which also had a NEXT button, I was finally able to get to a point where I could click through the new features to get rid of it, but it was ugly and hard to get past.

My halflings got nuffled and pummelled, I wish that were a bug lol.

So far in 2 matches, adding 300k to TV has not been enough, a halfling team needs 400k in inducements and in league play always builds their team to do just that.

That idea of smashing them against teams with TV 300k higher is rediculous from the very beginning, as was pointed out right away on the forums. Instead what they need to do is simply create a feature for leagues, allowing Commissars to add a fixed inducement bonus to certain team. Like, your Flings just always get 200-300k of inducement even when they play with teams of the same TV, PLUS additional iducements if opposing team's TV is higher. This way in private leagues they could figure out themselve what will be the right amount (and whether they need it at all). In open public leagues Cyanide would set it whatever way they see it too.

But, of course, it would require more efforts from them to implement )) That's what they don't want to happen ))

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There is a mmorpg game Eve Online out there. Which has tradition of being in close touch with community, and listening to selected its representatives before proceeding with any serious changes to mechanics. That works pretty good for them for 15 years already. I think certain companies could learn from this example too.

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Indeed, Deeproot and the chef are intended to be part of the team, if your MM cannot allow for that, then you might as well not have halflings in the game.

@Blog said in LE Beta, mercenary, and cosmetic ussye:

Indeed, Deeproot and the chef are intended to be part of the team, if your MM cannot allow for that, then you might as well not have halflings in the game.

Anyone who thinks this is actually true is misguided. No team is intended to be played with specific inducements. Just because the common practice of players choosing to play their teams this way in tabletop play DOES NOT mean that it is the intended way to play the team from the original developers of BB.

I am all for coming up with good ways to make halflings not feel punished in a matchmaking environment but 90% of suggestions I read are ridiculous and would not make the intended outcome of a fun matchmaking mode.

The only good suggestion I have seen so far is to let the stunty team "roster" an inducement for a permanent TV on the team similar to cheerleaders/assistant coaches/apothecary. But I wouldn't go as far to say that every Halfling team should automatically have Deeproot+Chef every single game. That would not be fun to play against.

Why is everyone even bothering to make halflings competitive? The point of Halflings is that they suck and they always will suck. While were at it, why don't we give gnoblars a 6338 stat line because Ogres are terrible.