Spintire OG Editor Models Somehow Transfered over To Mudrunner Editor

Hey all.

When i used to make maps (on my old pc) with the OG Editor in the OG game, i used custom models. When i got my new pc, i installed the mudrunner editor and set it up correctly just to find that all of my models from the OG game have transfered over. I realized that this was due to 1, the OG editor and mudrunner editor share the same appdata folder, and 2, i had steam cloud on. I uninstalled it, deleted those files, turned off steam cloud and reinstalled my editor. Still no luck.

I can't place a model on a map without it loading up all of my OG models loading up and it giving me tons of errors.

Devs fixed that once before by separating the MR and ST cache folders. Why they decided to undo that is unknown, but it was a STUPID IDEA, and I'm certain that anybody here (like @Tattoo and @rufus) who works with both editors would agree. Something else that should be brought to the attention of the development team.

yeah there is no fix we can do, we will have to wait for the devs to change the cache files names, his was reported before and yet still nothing has been done

Yea it’s just mad cause I delete my editor appdata and I still have this issue.

you need to uninstall both editors and install them back, you can keep both games, only thig its that in proving St will be loading the Mud runner Mods (their names, the trucks wont work)


On this pc i only have the Mudrunner editor installed, i have never installed the old one. And yes i have uninstalled the editor and reinstall it

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then you have messed up your Media for the editor and selected the spintires path...thats the only way for you to have said issue, the editor doesnt load the media files from other paths, only the one you made him follow

Ive got mudrunner seleted for the path

then either you have a st map on your _mod folder or you're not doing the paths rights, i have both editors and games in the same hdd, and so far never had your issues, i just have to rename my appdata folders to use the editors and games

Just checked every mod folder and there’s no ST maps