I cannot launch the game on steam

Like a tilte, I cannot launch the game...Plz help.
(When I launch the game on steam, nothing happen....I already tried all solutions.)

I have Win 7, 8G, GTX 1080. All updated to the latest version.

I just found my crashe file.


I cannot launch on steam - nothing happens - the steam launch window opens and immediately closes with no gamey gamey -

Please provide a System Information report to our Technical Support for investigation:

  1. Press the Windows Start and R keys from the keyboard to open the Run dialog box and type: MSINFO32
  2. Click OK.
  3. Click System Summary (upper left).
  4. Click File then Export.
  5. Enter a file name (from File name:) and save the file on the Desktop (click Desktop under Favorites).
  6. Close the System Information application.
  7. Right click on the file located on the Desktop and click Send To then Compressed (zipped) folder.
  8. Send the compressed .zip file in attachment with a description of the problem to: support@focus-home.com

Thank you.