Bots on ministry, footsteps are not accurate

I've played a few matches on Ministry coop and the bots sound like they are next to you but they are either above or below. Plus, the bots 'see' you through the floors. Please fix this.

I'm sure you'll ask for a video but try it yourself.

Hey @TokaiTele,

Thanks for pointing this out. Does this only happen on Ministry? It'll be passed on to the team.

I didn't want to open a new thread about this, but missing footsteps are an issue on a lot of maps. Especially on elevation changes and sometimes water, you can't hear your own footsteps. A good example would be on Summit, when you move up the stairs inside the rock cave towards checkpoint D.
There are some others too. Would be nice if these were fixed, since they kill the immersion.

Hi @chaton.

Yes, this only occurs on Ministry.

@Sgt-Kanyo It's not that the footsteps disappear; it's that they do not emanate from the bot's true location. For example, if you're on the middle of three floors, the bots sound like they are on your floor, but they're either below or above. Sometimes the bot's voices etc seem like they're coming from the floor itself. It certainly adds to the tension!! 🙂

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I understand, and that's a problem as well. But what I mentioned was a whole new problem, it just didn't deserve a new thread, so I mentioned it here.
It's basically for the player's footsteps, when you keep moving on said parts of the maps, there's no sound. Like you're levitating or something.

Get your own thread!! I worked hard for this one! 🙂 Joking mate. Long time no see.

This game is like a FIFO! One bug out, one bug in!

Hey both,

@TokaiTele Thanks for the further information.

@Sgt-Kanyo I'll pass this issue on to the team as well.

Hey @chaton Thanks Sir/Madam.

I'm curious, am I on your 'Annoying git who whinges a lot' list? 🙂