[LE beta] Master Chef not working properly

I just played a game with halflings vs amazons (and hired a chef). At the start of the first half dice were rolled for the chef (all were 1-3, so no effect) which was okay, though the dialog box did state that my opponent had gained no rerolls, and I had lost no rerolls, which is the wrong way round.

Start of the second half, though, there was no report of dice rolled for the chef, and (again) no rerolls were gained or lost by either team.

If someone can tell me how to upload files to this forum I will upload the replay file for you.

I believe @Natheos was asking to use this before: https://wetransfer.com/
Not sure about the details (seems like it needs to specify email of the recepeint, so you need to find his email, perhaps)

Community Manager

Please us https://wetransfer.com/

But you don't need to enter an email address. Just post the link to download here.

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