Exactly 1 year after the new screenshots...

So, what can you show us after 1 year? There must be something, right?

It would be nice to see something, but considering we are past halfway through the year now and not much to see, doubt there'll be a 2019 release.

More concerning, from my point of view, is that months ago they said they hired a community person to handle all this kind of stuff. That they just needed to 'settle in' before going full throttle. I spent the next month or so checking the forum daily, for some silly reason.

Necromunda is easily, no contest, my favorite tabletop experience. I wasn't 110% impressed with the Mordheim port ( I enjoyed it, I think it's a good game and still play it periodically, it's just not completely Mordheim for me. ) so when this was announced I had to control my excitement. Now, I have to control my desire to be frustrated. This is the one chance anyone will do Necromunda justice on the PC anytime in the near future and it feels like we're floating around in limbo. 😞

I hear you, @PlatypusErotica. I'm in the same boat. Necromunda is and was my FAVORITE table-top game, ever. At least we know the game isn't being rushed. Long development times usually work out one of two ways: The game doesn't work, is behind, over-budget, and going to be a disaster, or it is getting lots of goodness baked in with lots of time, love, and testing.

Mordheim is the baseline. I'd be happy with a Necromunda skin of Mordheim. Not ecstatic, but I'd enjoy it. We know they are shooting for well beyond that. It is taking a long time, for sure, and very little communication is beyond frustrating. I'm hopeful that is a good sign. In the meantime, I've got a lot of other life things going on. When Necromunda comes out, I'll obsess about it then.

I used to think the main issue is lack of communication or some assurance (a new screenshot - something of a teaser) that they are truly working on the game (Just show us an office shot of people having fun whilst working on the game - maybe something on a distant screen that'll make us dribble like baboons). The only thing we get is a semi-explanation that people are working on it and we should take their word for it.... no. After 1 whole year from the last screenshot these assurances aren't doing they supposed to do, they are losing their strength. Previous post was from mid June and I haven't missed A SINGLE PIECE OF INFO...

The communication dried up around the same time as the closed beta, right? I wonder if that went a lot worse than expected.

No, there was precious little communication up to the closed alpha too. There was just a slight bit of activity during the closed alpha.

We know that development continues. We'll see it someday. Until then, find something else to occupy your time.

I still check in here every day to see if there has been any update or response from the developer team. Habit at this point I guess, but it's draining any enthusiasm at this point more than anything else. 😕

@Cetera It's fairly clear the closed alpha went a lot worse then they expected. "the need for more iteration and pushed us to revisit a few things here and there" that sounds like dev speech for we have to start over from the ground up. Like I said it's clear the games not coming out this year, it would just be nice for the devs to come out and say it. But long silences like this in the gaming industry means they are looking for new backers or their game is about to get canceled.

Meh. I'm pretty convinced at this point that the entire site was just put up to see if there was enough interest in having a game. Throw up a few pics that someone drew just for this and say a game is being made...then watch to see the interest. No development costs until/unless interest is generated. Since there hasn't been, then they'll simply say the game was running over on cost and itme and cancel the whole thing.

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to drop by and confirm the game is still being worked on full time by our 30 people strong team. We are not looking for new backing or anything of the kind and the closed playtest did no go worst than anticipated.

We did decide to revisit a few ideas, but you have to understand game development is an iterative process and it's sometimes hard to know when we are at the end of the iteration loop.

I'll go ahead and say we probably should have been more patient in the past about releasing info which created expectations. We are sorry about the lack of news, but the game is still very much being developed and will be released.

We won't come forward with more news before we have a game ready to be shared with the world. One thing that changed in the last few years is the video game space is getting more and more crowded. Hence, it makes sense (to us at least) to wait and concentrate our communication/marketing efforts for a push when we have a game ready to sell shortly after.

Bear with us, we are working tirelessly on Necromunda.

Thank you for your patience and have yourselves a great day.

Thank you so very much @Frank_Lalight for your message.

I for one have never lost confidence in you guys. However I would like to ask you for a commitment of sorts. Instead of not giving any news of the particulars of the game you're working on, could you, as a team attempt to post a message at least once a quarter. In my opinion the damage that could be done if you go silent till the game is ready could be great. People have got their hopes up for this game and no contact from the developers could easily create discontent in your core community. If you kept up a level of quarterly contact even if its just too say we're still working hard. Or better yet ask the community's opinion on a matter that is dividing you guys regarding an implementation concept. Not to say that you'd do exactly what the community suggests, but you might gain, both, new ideas and/or an insight in to what we as the end users are looking for.

I well understand the complexity and level of work that your whole team is putting into this game and again I want to truly thank you for that. I would hope that quarterly contact from you guys is something that could be readily implemented. Nothing is more damaging than negative word of mouth to a project. Please keep us excited by acknowledging that we're here and looking forward to the game. Loss of hope from the community could be damaging, and I personally want this game to be the next xcom or similar (in sales and adoration.)

Again many thanks for your message and the hard work you're all putting in.

@Frank_Lalight So you still haven't answered the question of if this game will be released in 2019 or not. Their is only 3mo left in 2019 it's not hard to tell if you'll have the game ready or not.

@Frank_Lalight Thank you for connecting with us on the forums again Frank. Communication is always greatly appreciated.

From all of the messages that have been going around the last 6 months or so, the general tone is one of wanting any input or communication from the development team.

You have been tasked with, lets be honest, a hell of a challenge with Necromunda. It has such a dedicated player base from the original game and the recent resurgence in the game since the tabletops re-release in 2017. I know I've been wanting to see this as a computer game since the days of XCOM.

From my own perspective, I've certainly settled into a "it's done when it's done" mentality, though I still check the forums every morning. That being said, some form on content update or development progress would go a long way to maintain the interest that people had from the outset when this was first announced.

There have been multiple press screenings, which never saw any public light. The closed alpha as well. Closed obviously means an NDA, but it would be great to see something from the game, other than the screenshots that were released over a year ago.

I very much doubt that anyone here is expected to see pre-alpha gameplay, or a livestream of people coding. However, providing the community with tidbits of material could help to maintain the interest, as I've already said.

Concept art.
WIP screenshots.
Dev notes.
Potential timeline.
Different gangs.

Look at what the parent company of Necromunda, Games Workshop, have done with their releases for the tabletop version. There are concept art pieces up on the Warhammer Community page for the last 2 years for models that still haven't seen the light of day. Water Guild, Flesh Guild, Hired Guns.... stuff that won't be released for well over a year from their initial tease. Hell, there are sepia-toned watercolour concept art fro Ash Waste Nomads from the last 6 months and nobody has a clue what the actual models will look like. They still get people talking though.

Adam's proposal of a quarterly update from the development team is a good one. It doesn't place any pressure to deliver large quantities of information, or a schedule other than 4 times a year, but it builds communication between the developers and the eventual players. Getting updates on certain topics (gameplay, mechanics, graphics engine, UI, what the coffee is like in the canteen), anything at all, beyond the "we are still working on it" response which we have gotten 4 times in the last 18 months would be phenomenal.

Sitting here, stealing time away from writing up a site visit report for work to say that I'm still eager as hell about this game.

All the best.

hahaha super news;)
so 30 people get high on the game design, cool it is not dead!
no date, no stage of advancement!
and I understand that you keep your strength for the release of the game ...
we also learn that it comes back to ideas, that's also cool ...
I prefer to wait and have a very good games rather than a game quickly finished ...
the video game market is saturated with all kinds of games that's true but not good game, well finished, and that makes you want .. so you have all your luck eventually if you do things well;)

I join all my comrades in thanking you for taking the time to answer even if it does not say much it's still fun to know that you are alive lol
a note from time to time will continue to fuel our patience and interest for you and a sincere recognition;)

Good luck and see you soon ..

Have they confirmed how many gangs will be in at release? That's kind of my biggest question. All vanilla Necromunda gangs? ( The original Necromunda, not the "Hey here's a book per gang, which we'll release over a sodding year, which is about as healthy for campaign play as arsenic." Necromunda. ( I own most of those books. I am bitter. ) Or just Escher and Goliath? I mean, I played Escher in vanilla and if I ever get confident enough with painting, I've got two gangs ( One magnetized, one not ) sitting ready for it, so I'm reasonably happy that Escher is a definite but, yeah, we're not asking for huge, world changing revelations. Just something to go on.