New loadouts not saving

The new patch has been overall great but ever since the release, I've never been able to save my presets. I would create a new preset, press the plus, then use the preset in that session but after reopening the game, the loadouts that I created in the previous session is no longer there. Also when creating loadouts in the main menu, all the loadouts are completely different from what they are if I were to select on in a match.

Hello @DSplayer,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Have you played the game during betas?
If yes, can you try to remove these files and see if it helps? Befor deleting, I suggest you to back them up!

  • Go to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Insurgency\Saved\SaveGames\Profile, then remove these files: Profile.sav/CosmeticPreset.json/Cosmetics.json

It didn't help. I'm still having the same issues.