My second playthrough, playing as minimal kill Jonathon ( limited to 8 people) I got to the end of the mission Science without Conscience. At that point Pemboke is sanitised , but i'd recently embraced Strickland thinking that would make the district go down to healthy with my choice of leaving Swansea to die, take it down to stable possibly serious.
But when i rested the district of Pembroke was gone, totally hostile with everyone dead!
Even in my previous bad playthrough where i'd killed loads and made swansea a vampire the district remained stable!
Every other district was healthy or stable in this playthrough too. - i'd spared Crane and gone into an arrangement with her, i'd charmed Dawson (but because id made west end healthy it only went down by one when he died), Spared McCullum, healed The Sad Saint. done all the 'good' choices for the main characters.
Only embraces were -
Clay Cox(after doing his mission)
Cadogan Bates,
Tobia Whitikar,
Seymour Fishburn,
Enid Gillingham,
Carrina Billow
Carolyn Price
Dr Strickland

Then at the end i got the sad ending with Ashbury saying i'd betrayed her. But i hadn't made Dawson a vamp, id limited my kills (read somewhere, 9 was the limit for 'good' ending) and not done anything specifically she had told me not to do.

So what was i missing? was that a bug or does letting Swansea die really effect pembroke so much it goes from sanitised to hostile in one night ? and was that the betrayal Ashbury meant