hi, i just would like to thank Everyone here on the forum (esp. the modders) . For making me Always feel welcome, and the sharing of knowledge, , mods, sometimes a gentle reminder to calm down when i get a little excited (crazy) about a topic. Plus I've had the opportunity to talk to people from all over the world, something i wouldn't of ever done without the forum..
And just over all just being a great group of guy's!! (are there any girl's here? if so you as well)..
thanks again for making this a happy and non-judgemental place to go everyday.

Why does this sound like a farewell? lol

You know the forum will probably pick back up when Mudrunner 2 gets close to release right?

@rufus I allways thought this is a "Welcoming" and well behaving group. I keep coming back to this forums even when I step aside from MR and go play other games. In part it is because it's relatively small, so at this point, it feels like I already know everybody.

Anyways, I feel a lot like you, so, I'm happy to have you onboard.

Well..good question...any girl in mr community? Any seen in online/streams ?)

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@Stazco Yo, Stazco! stop trying to pick girls up in the forums!! 😛

@rufus there are ladies, if you know where to look. 😉

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@Stazco idk about this here forum but there are lot of girls in russian side of spintires community who thoroughly enjoy mudding just like us.

@zamal VK comments i've only seen guys, complaining all time and promoting piracy...