Free Weekend=

Don't play. It's a waste of time.
I wondered why there weren't any players above level 25 playing. Now i know.

Heres how the free weekend goes:

Players from levels 0-5 all load into the game. The game starts and nobody has chosen their loadouts yet. This usually takes about 45 seconds of the game. As players get ready, they trickle in and move towards the objective by themselves. They die instantly one by one and leave the match. You end up with 3 players, including yourself, to capture Objective A where all 3 of you get instant killed. AWESOME

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@LetsGoChamp said in Free Weekend=:

Don't play. It's a waste of time.

Astute comment, coincides with my recent impressions. Let's hope, they get their act together some time in the future, but the current state is a disaster. I tried to like it, but I'm just incapable of tolerating this any more. They had half a year sorting things out. An expiry date of this game is looming in sight, and it's making me sad.

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I am getting killed constantly by team mates. No friendly fire would be good.

Playing coop was fun, especially when you're helping them learn.

omfg the noobs

no more free weekends please

@Grave ^^ Says the guy asking for no friendly fire... Go play fortnight... Lol