Hi I’m going to get straight to the point where is focus we haven’t heard from them in a wile and I don’t know about u but I would like to hear from them soon what do y’all think about it should we hear from them soon or am I just being rood
Let me know

@jackwyatt5556 I'd like to hear news as well, but probably they don't have any. Besides, we all know by now, this is their way of doing things. They only unveil stuff when they are close to releasing. At this point, I gave up on trying to get something from them. Let us hope that the wait is worth it.

Focus follows the 2K strategy of doing things, which is basically "shut the hell up and say nothing until close to release date." I hate this way of doing things, but it seems to be how a lot of companies are now. Very rarely do you ever get companies like CD Project Red (Cyberpunk/Witcher creator) that spend years hyping up their next game at big events.

Most just stay silent.

So don't expect any more news until probably fall 2019.

would agree, except for some tittly bits here and there (teasers?) it will be more towards the fall when news should be picking up.

Exactly Thay whont reply or post until it’s a week before and I hate it
Thx for committing I now know that I am not the only one who thinks that

Your not alone I'm tired of of waiting also I check the forums every day for them to put something up for mr2 or at least something

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You guys need to chill. Even if they post something, how is that going to help if the game is many months away? You'll get a little "fix" but you'll still be hungry for more. I say let them focus on actually developing MR2 and enjoy MR1 and other games for now.

Good advice!
Im just a bit frustrated how community were excluded from participation in game building.
During mr suggestions era there were some responses from devs - "ok, good idea, not in mr, but most probably in mr2"
But since mr2 was announced it all ended...so we just wait for some new game with some surprises...(
I know its not crowdfunding game there you donate and devs must listen to you. But also its not aaa game there devs employ some community (i believe they do it not to do fatal mistakes).
So thats why im frustrated...

@Stazco i would happily be backer if they were to Kickstart mr2, that way we could control features and so on but it is what it is

@Stazco Well we did have the survey, so they do at least consider our input. But I think this is how most games are made. The devs could go crazy if they let all of us control the design, since we as a community have varying opinions and I'm sure there'd be disagreements and conflicts. So it's just easier for them to focus on developing the game in a way that they believe will be successful, and not worry about every suggestion out there.

I'd appreciate an update after three months of complete radio silence too. On the photos posted on Twitter, the game looked already fairly polished and ought to be quite far along in its development process. I agree that a release later this year seems reasonable. Also, I hope for no Epic store exclusivity!

Hi guys, we're still a bit too far from the release to start communicating more heavily. The development is going well and we plan plenty of articles, trailers and cool visuals about MudRunner 2. But for them to be really impactful, we'd like to publish them closer to release.

It means that when we'll start to share more content, we'll be able to give you from the start a release date and a lot of other core info that you're interested in.

We've gathered feedback and suggestions for the past years, as well as in our community survey. Now we look forward to your feedback about the content of MudRunner 2 in a few months 🙂

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@Netheos Thanks a lot for the clarification! It's cool to hear from you guys. At least to see you active in the forums. Looking forward to such articles.

@Netheos oh 😞 well i guess it will be uneventful summer for mudding, whatever man work on the game and polish it but 1-2 photos would be cool

Well not what I was expecting from focus but there’s nothing we can do about it so thx iny way

Thx everyone this was my first post on the forunms so thx for making it blow up as well as it did 👍