BUG: Hit reg...still

I quit after this because what's the point?

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Hey @skillet,

Thanks for this clip showcasing the hit registration issue. I'll pass it on to the team!

It looks like your bullets were clipping the rocks. This has been happening for ages.

@TokaiTele nah, those particles are from hitting the wood door frame. But he did hit the rock at the end...

@skillet said in BUG: Hit reg...still:

I quit after this because what's the point?

I did the same. Beyond comprehension why the let their fine game be ruined. Atrocious stuff. I also archived your clip next to mines featuring exactly the same issue. You did right, there's no point playing this game in its current sorry state. How they let this happen in an FPS is incomprehensible. Selling a car without wheels would be a good analogy.

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@kanneltaja72 I should make it clear: by no means have I quit the game. I just quit that match. It was getting late, and that was a great excuse to hang it up for the night before work. While the game most certainly has its problems, for me the fun I have playing far outweighs any of the bugs I encounter.

While I'm at it, I also should have made more clear in the OP that this is a rare occurrence for me. It has happened a little more lately and this is by far the worst case I've experienced, but it's still pretty rare. I wouldn't say that this clip characterizes Sandstorm's game play generally. It happens, but not commonly in my experience (though it shouldn't happen at all).

@skillet Good for you, keep up gaming with I.S.!

I can see your point, but as for me, I used this game mostly to relax and let off steam, and not getting avoidably exacerbated.

This game changed in the recent 2-3 weeks for the worst. There is no denying that. The worst aspect happened after the recent version change and its hotfix. I'm not the only one complaining and actually, I tried to push its redeeming qualities here on the forums many times before. But the patches still come consequently with yet more things to fix and the recently introduced hitreg issues remained in the game, contrary to 1.3's change list announcement. As this being an FPS game, I can not give the developers the benefit of the doubt anymore, their craftmanship and trustworthyness in terms of announcements/promises vs. reailty has been severly compromised.

Until a complete overhaul of their hitreg mechanics, I can't be sure if it was me being careless/sluggish or the game had hitreg/AI problems, which is more than confusing. I was loyal (750 hours played) until it seems completely pointless to remain so. They need a lot to do in the shortest time possible to bring back their game to an acceptable level and gain back the trust of many disenchanted customers.

For the time being, I'm out. I'll check on subsequent developments later, who knows what the future would bring. Let's hope the game finds its legs at long last.

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