DIY Restriction Zones with CATNIPPLES!!! 🤓

In this short tutorial, I will show you how to make restriction zones for Insurgency Sandstorm!

1. Open MS Paint

2. Open the map that you want to restrict

3. Select the paint brush tool

4. Any color works, but I like red... cause it reminds me of my enemy's blood

5. Make a box sort-ish of where you want the restricted zone to be. (This step doesn't require much thinking. Just make sure to restrict both spawn zones so that the enemy can't spawnkill.)

6. Fine tuning of the restricted zones won't be necessary. Don't bother zooming in and engineering them around the map as it takes too much effort.

7. Finally, after all your pain staking work, you have created your restriction zones!

I will provide an example of what the outcome should look like, but try to model your restriction zones so they all look like this.


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