Hell fire speed is only 150?

All tge chaos grand cruisers got a speed buff. I'm wondering if the hellfire is mistakenly kept at 150.

The hellfire being only 150 speed makes it worse than the repulsive. Even though damage wise they are almost the same with one difference. The repulsive has torps so it has a damage spike. And the added speed.

I'd suggest fixing the hellfire speed to 170 to allow it to be the medium long range brawler it should be.

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Since one of the patches notes is:

Every Chaos Grand Cruiser speed increased from 160 to 170

It sounds like this is probably not intended.

Canonically the Hellfire was very slow, had very weak shields but had overwhelming firepower. It was more of a mobile artillery platform than a front line battle vessel.

Didnt checked in details but he seems to have less macros than the repulsive so the overwhelming firepower is not here 🙂

@Imperator the problem is that ingame 150 speed will make it very hard for the hell fire to stay out of the frontline

Repulsive is 14 macro dps per side + torps + 3dps lance turrets.
Hellfire is 10 macro dps per side + 5 lance dps per side + 6 dps macro turret + 1 dps lance turret

If Hellfire have less speed their is little reason to take it over repulsive, both have 13.5k mini range to use all weapons but the reduced speed and no torps don t compensate the dps increased in my opinion

@Beernchips the more I check out the hellfire. The more im feeling it is designed to be just a "ship viewer" kind of ship.....

You know. Nice to look at but that's it. Its basicly a shittier lunar.