New griefing method on the horizon?

At least new to me (*). So far, I had nothing to do with something like this.

It essentially consists of two elements - deliberate team killing and kick voting.

Typically one is confronted with a group of three, usually four players.

These players act in the beginning completely normal and game compliant.

After a while and mostly at the last point of the map everyone in this group starts another teamkill. Since there is only one team kill for each one, the damage reflection mechanism does not work.

If that is not enough to scare the other players and leave the server, a kick voting will be launched, which can hardly be averted - and they know that. Often the reason given is "afk", although it is a very active player.

I can only speculate about the reasons for this behavior.
In the two cases in which I personally was concerned, it was about:

  • we want to have the server for ourselves
  • we want to be LOS
  • nationalist reasons
  • just take the others fun

NWI. Take care of that.

Edit: (*) this game

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Hi there, I have an old post from a year ago:

In the rare occasions where it is more than one troll always change server to avoid the long time to get them out of the game if it annoys you.


I. Is there a way to open a console menu in-game, or command in-game to show a record of all teamkills in the current game, like int was in Insurgency2014?
-> If this system exist, open your console to identify which team-member actually is the teamkiller, as trolls often lie and spread misinformation to create further confusion on the team, trying to make the honest players kill each other. Open a log file to see all friendly kills and paying attention will often result in identifying the troll. If you can't do this, be careful with giving blame and try identifying the troll by observing the team in the next few rounds.

II. Is there a auto-kick function after a troll has killed 3 or x players on the same team?
-> If this is in the game, the troll will only have "fun" for 3 or x kills, so patiently waiting the troll out by either completely ignoring or avoiding the troll will make the troll disappear after those kills. If this is not the case, we need different counter-troll tactics.

III. And lastly, will the troll be able to rejoin directly after being kicked or have this been fixed with a sort of penalty system like current server locked for x amount of time or similar system?
-> If the troll can not rejoin, the problem is solved. If not, we need different counter-troll tactics.

Depending on the answers to these questions, the strategy to deal with intentional teamkillers or trolls change slightly, but there is a lot of similarities trolls share, and approaches to stop them. Sometimes they share traits which exist in all communities even without (intentionally) being a troll(!). This is often because of low social skills, indifference, immaturity, personality disorders, learning disabilites or [99 problems].

I have seen young people and other people being easily offended having a bad time online and we can all help to make it nicer to be a gamer and make the games more fun to play for everyone.

If you are getting trolled in gaming and feel bad about it, chances are higher you are an easy target, so remember: You have great potential and strangers insulting you on the internet does not know you - Never feel bad, because their opinion does not matter at all (they often feel easily bad themselves, and I genuinely feel sorry for many of them and hope they can reach their own potential one day).

Trolls will always exist in games, but they need stimulation to continue trolling so don't give them that. If you can properly exploit their weaknesses they will stop trolling.

Most games are more fun when cooperating to make the game shine, those who does not see it that way is often bored of the game - Therefore they get easily bored in general, and will stop trolling if they can't reach their goal: To ruin your game and having fun by creating a reaction.

Counter troll tactics:

If you can get your team to cooperate in taking turns to teamkill the troll, the troll can't play.
Keep track of your own teamkills of the troll and cooperate with the team to ruin the game for the troll instead, but only to stop them from trolling, don't throw insults and go down to their level.

If the troll is a lot better than your team in shooting, and there is no auto-kick function, change server or wait for the game to get this update as stated by @GSG_9_LIGHTNING (most games get this update at some point, because trolling makes the developers loose customers and is bad marketing, Sandstorm will get this update for sure if its not there yet).

Always report the troll if you are completely certain who they are, as they will get a lot of complaints and maybe a VAC ban down the line.

In the rare occasions where it is more than one troll always change server to avoid the long time to get them out of the game if it annoys you.

And of course, teamkills happens to everyone, also to pro players in every game. (In CS:GO pro matches and Insurgency 2014 pro matches). Don't be angry or annoyed when teamkilled. It is just a game and most people just made a mistake. Forgive them, say no problem and tell them politely if they don't notice teamkilling you.

Happy gaming=)

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Thanks for your effort, but you just try to teach a fish how to dive. 😉

I don't deal with trolls. I observe and report them.

However, I've no idea if is working on this subject. No reply so far.


A server list makes it easy to skip servers with this type of players.

I think its really difficult to manage player behaviour at the specific scenario you describe, but some things they could do like a quick fix if they lose players due to situations like this:

They could introduce servers with friendly fire always off or damage reflection killing the troll instantly at first shot to make a playing field for people who just had it with trolling.