System access to DLS, which will help to revive the multiplayer.

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There is a game like Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr and it has an interesting system associated with access to dlc. You can buy a dls or open it for a special in-game currency that accumulates for a long time. Why don't you do something like that? Giving this currency per game in multiplayer (it will revive it a little) and add a mode from part 1, where we developed the admiral and fought with bots and also give this currency to the battles in it. Played multiplayer, hours 15, accumulated currency, opened dlc with company for chaos or other dlc, if they still will.
And thanks for the last patch! You are awesome!

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Skins/visuals that could be earned or purchased would be a very nice addition to BFG2, and something that I would certiantly pick up!
Being able to earn this currency in small amounts from ranked would also encourage more players to stay active as your getting a tangible reward.

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