Anti-Toxicity measurements

It would be nice to have a system where you can mark people as toxic and then to be able to mute toxic marked players all-together. There could be a monthly refresh of this system to give people second chances. And that they will be notified as ''toxic'' when they reach a specific amount of marks.

I love this game but the community sometimes makes me turn away from it.

I'm sorry you had a bad experience, and although I can only speak for myself I would like to apologize for some of the people playing this game. That being said, there is pretty much no way to to contain adults and teenagers that are sitting on front of their PC playing games for the game developer. Sure, you can put the burden of the problem on them by calling them out for missing measures, but really I think that if you look at games like League of Legends, who have extreme such measures in place, that they just don't work at all. Not in the slightest. It becomes more about triggering people to get insulted and then report them for it, instead of the insult that would have been there instead. At the end of the day you can't prevent people from being shitty and neither can the devs. They can only waste their time with more filters (which the game has) and then maybe a report system, which based on the success of every instance of it that I know, sucks balls and is not worth the effort. If someone calling you names in voice chat is a serious detriment to you experience, then it might just be that online games aren't for you. I know it sucks, but all you gotta do is mute them.

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I think there should just be a "avoid this player in the future if possible" feature.

This all right here is why this game will ultimately die because people are just to damn sensitive these days. Leave your feelings for your bedtime diary and just play the game. People are going to be assholes throughout the rest of your life and I whole heartedly suggest you just learn to ignore it all. Use the mute features that are already in place! Join different servers or maybe like the guy above said consider the possibility that the internet is just simply not a place for you... I’m honestly not trying to be a dick but it’s sooo sad to see all this sensitivity bullshit ruin what could be a good game with anti-hurt feelings features like damage reflection and a lack or removal of vote kick systems etc...

@planetcanada You can't just say things like that, you're going to trigger somebody!

But you're right...


What if all the toxic players mark you as toxic? That would be even worse right.

When starting matches just mute toxic players at once and keep doing it. I have done this for many years.

I hope this text is not too controversial in this forum, but is honestly the most effective way I know about when dealing with trolls if u want them to stop. It is not recommended if you get easily offended, but it can give you an idea how to handle people like that.

If someone text spam ignore the text screen for a while or write something cheeky that expose how foolish they are.


Rude guy saying rude things
Example of an answer: wow, how do you think up such excuisite, refined statements? I bet you are really resourceful and have a high paid job. Your family gotta be so proud!

He will then say some more bs and then probably be quit because he feels more stupid for every sentence. If he dont keep quiet he quickly becomes a laughing stock.

Pro tip: most toxic players are some frustrated fools and quickly stops when you dont drop to their level.

Another typical one is the racial slurr:
Some guy saying some racist stupid stuff

(Be aware people like this most often have really big issues and low IQ, as it is a sign of having poor skills in many areas and often having few options in life, )

Answers should be quite harsh and easy to umderstand so they can conceive the mesage clearly. I have changed out some of the actual words I would use to suit this forum.

Example of answer: Why dont you [be quit] with your bs. you gotta have a peanut for brains to think like that do you understand that?

I most often dont care for above reasons that it says a lot more about themselves than anyone else - There is still times I feel like getting a strong message across because I might be playing with someone like 10 years belonging to a minority and feeling bad about trolls like that and then some emphaty might kick in.

Always remember that strangers on the internet dont know you and whatever they say should mean nothing when its unlogical bs like toxic players are.

Also keep off internet for a while if it gets too much=)

Toxic gaming, uh, I mean Happy gaming;)