Back for the free weekend - but here's why I probably wont stay long

So, I'm 100% a competitive mode player. I don't play anything else and don't really care to either. Free weekend, aside of connection issues, had some decent games here and there. Ministry's a nice addition to comp. That other new map I don't know if I like so much tho..

But anyway!

In short, the game continues to suffer from the same set of problems regarding balance.

  • 5-stacks are allowed to play vs randos
  • sometimes one team ends up with nothing but newbies, while the other team is full of high level players
  • toxic behavior is not penalized in any manner. Players can shit talk as much as they want, nothing happens from it.
  • lots of players have zero communication.

I'd be totally OK to wait 15 minutes per match if it means that I'm guaranteed to get a match and if it means that it's much more likely that the match is a balanced one than with these 3-4 minute queue times.

But playing games that are stomp or be stomped, it's not so much fun. Also some of the maps continue to be pretty imbalanced and just not fun to play, like Farmhouse East. A map ban feature would be pretty fucking sweet.

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Point 1 and 2 is solved by using a matchmaking system that connects players of similar kd, hit percentage and similar, together with an in game friend list and invite function that only accepts inviting friends between matches, thus avoiding making the team unbalanced during the match by adding someone too far from the player average skill sum.

The one about shit talking I see no need major issue as you could solve it by muting.
What players say or don't say cant directly be fixed as far as I know have been used in games so far, only by indirect means like having a mute button or matching you with friends and players of same skill level.

You could always add a google siri type of program that recognize the words you say in the mic and give an auto kick if you say many bad words, this could be client sided, and people not triggering the filter directly would be flagged as using software to alter the game.. That would feel a tad too intrusive maybe, though its hardly any different than recording what you say already, people would just need to adapt to the idea.

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There's lots of ways to penalize toxic behavior and encourage positive behavior, without it being intrusive or even need manual overseeing. Something as simple as automatically giving notifications of bad behavior when someone gets lots of reports is one way. Could also have basically like thumb up mechanics that show in the profile, etc.

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Some sort of global rankings or endorsements would go a long way here. There aren't that many players, being able to report them for trolling or abuse would pay great dividends compared to the time it'd take to look at and sanction the bad actors.

The siri system I just proposed would need no human interaction and could be programmed to be non intrusive by having a legal rights claim where the company promised not to keep records.