Black-Out Scope

There is a bug that I only expirience with Sniper-Rifle-Scopes. I already new about the bug, that the x7 scope crosshair just disappears and a few others, but the new one tops them. I was a fan of playing the sniper-rifles with a laser on the side to hip-fire. Since this got removed with the last patch i decided to play with a lower magnification, so I equiped the 2x Kobra scope. And then it hit me! The inner area of the scope (where I definitely should see through, and where I NEED to see through) went completly black for the entire game. There are many bugs in this game, but this makes it unplayable, even for someone like me, who really tries his best to love it. Don't now if it is relevant, but i used the M99 as sniper-rifle. Please fix this and inform me about the fix. I want to know when I can return to this game again. 😕

Hey @Ikarus,

Thanks for pointing this out. I'll pass it on to the team, so they can look into it!