[MINOR] C-255 Long Log Trailer Collision Error

So I've noticed a slight collisions bug with the long log trailer for the C-255 with Lights Add-ons (Certified Mod for MudRunner), (when folded up).
So the first picture is from the original Spintires Kickstarter, and you can see that the beam lies perfectly in the little support frame in the headache rack (if that's what it is).
alt text

But in the C-255 certified mod, the rack seems to have convex collisions now, so you can see it lying just above it.

alt text

I just thought I might point that out. 🙂


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Hi @8x8

in the kickstarter Release (Donators Only but still got leaked to the public), the Foldable Trailer was a Fixed addon instead of a moving part like it was and is since the release of Spintires Legacy. They had both extended,Folded and Foldable (wip) versions
The reasons for it not being perfectly in the V notch are:

  • because once the trucks are moving the collision boxes start hitting constantly and that could have lead into the physics breaking (Back on Legacy the max amount of addons was 4 , and adding one more leaded to the truck/mod exploding)
  • Constraints aren't really solid, once the contraint of the folding trailer are active they enter a semi Fixed position but still regardless of the amount of streght you add to the they wont be Solid and can still be pulled straight or broken to the sides (thats why wheels tend to shake at high speeds)
  • Addons are not made to be used on a single Vehicle so they have to make them as multi platform as posible, if you check the area that the folding parts leave over the cab you can tell its made to be used in other trucks (and is used in the other Type C trucks that allow a long load to be loaded)

its also bugs me out not having the parts sitting where they should be haha

@Forces Ah, I see... that's very interesting!
Many thanks for the detailed reply!
Let's just hope that this will somehow be fixable in MudRunner 2 haha 😄
Thanks again! 🙂