Community server AI voiceover queue becomes delayed

When playing on community servers, I've noticed the AI voiceover "queue" (or whatever system is in place to play audio events for taking objectives, fire support, etc.) becomes more delayed over the course of the match. For example, when we take objective F, we might hear We took D!. When Assassin (gunship) is firing her rockets, we might hear a previously-called-in Warlock (autocannon strafe) providing his commentary.

From my experience, I suspect the queue is further delayed under the following circumstances:

  • Defense. Perhaps the Enemy's on the point!-type recurring messages further delay the queue.
  • Fire support. My suspicion here falls on the helicopters providing their Killed another one!-type dialogue.

This has been a problem since beta, affecting all community servers that I'm aware of.

old bug comming back they did fix it couple months ago but its back the game lifes his own life

Heads up, @chaton; still happening. E.g. on Farmhouse Security, after we finished defending Alpha, I started hearing a ton of "They're on Alpha!"-type messages in a row. I assume these were being shifted off the queue by one of those status-check messages where players call out whether they've been shot.

Server build ID: 4060136

Bumping for visibility. Maybe @Raibi?

Hey @JoeK5142,

Sorry for the late reply! I'll pass this on to the team.

Yupp been happening for ages here as well.
captures D
"We've just took Alpha!"

A10 Gunrun already killed all the hajis
"Yo I'm here"

hope they do it soon its annoying

Still a problem as of the 2019/9/20 1.4.x hotfix.

My friends and I are getting this too. We have a habit of restarting the server every time we play because if its up for more than a day or two the delay gets really bad.