[Suggestion] Add UAV surveillance as commander/observer option

I think it will be cool and easy for devs to add drons or UAV which will observe an area and make enemy visible on map.

Like the Clieric, it should fly around for some time, but instead of fireing enemy it will reveal not covered enemy positions on the map.

It will be really helpful for Insurgents, because they don't have such powerful weapon as Helicopters and Warlock for Security, but they can use drones so it fits.

Upovote please if you agree, so maybe devs will see it.

this is insurgency. have people already forgotten what the 2014 game was like? Insurgency isn't designed around calling in stupid gadgets for use on the field. The game's core was a semi realistic hardcore shooter. It was suppose to be a sort of realistic game when it came to combat but not to gameplay. The fire supports made nwi design maps around the mechanic and the maps they made sucked. When your game's core doesn't fit well with your ideas, its probably a good idea to scrap it but nope. Sure you can say sandstorm has good maps but the 2014 game is smoother, plays more realistically, and is more hardcore than sandstorm. Sandstorm feels like a insurgency beta that still hasn't finished yet