Unable to transmit VOIP sorry, know this has been posted but tried everything


First of all, I love the game, it is the one and only game I have reviewed on steam I love it so much.

I play with a friend of mine and we communicate in discord but often communicate with our team too, tonight he mentioned that when I am doing call outs he doesn't see my name come up in the corner and he can't hear me.

I came back to the game recently and I know it definitely used to work before because we used to mute each other (so we didn't hear each other twice) but that hasn't been an issue this time around. Previously when I played it was with a different mic.

I now have a better quality mic ran via a USB interface and preamp, but no matter what I've googled/seen on reddit or on here nothing seems to solve my issue.

I've tried editing my settings via the steam friend list, it's up to 100% in windows. I even tried turning the gain on my preamp up all the way and it doesn't seem to make a difference.

Is there anyone that can help?

The Voice over IP of Sandstorm is using the Steam Voice over IP system ( just with other user interface ) so i would try to look for wrong settings in the Audio / Microphone settings of Steam.
You will find those settings in the Steam-Friends list ! ( not under regular Steam settings )

I assume you know how to open that Steam Friends window ( if not tell me and i help you with that )
On the right top of the friends list there is a Gearwheel symbol ( click on it )
Then a window will open and there you choose on the left side "Speech" ( which you find on the very bottom of the listed settings )
You should adjust your settings there and try if you could hear what you say in "Microphone test "

Hope this helps mate ;-.)

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Hello both,

First off, thanks @GSG_9_LIGHTNING for this potential workaround.
@Nickoglas If this doesn't help, please keep us updated. The team already have a potential fix to this and will be deploying it once it has been tested.

Hey Thanks GSG... I am sure I recognise your name, maybe we've played together... or against each other haha!

Thanks for the advice. I have tried the workaround with the Steam Voice over settings, I can definitely hear myself when I test the microphone. I will try later when my friend is online putting the output up to max to see if that helps so will let you know.

Thanks for your help

@chaton Thanks for the quick reply also, I will try what's stated above and put my output volume on full and see if my friend can hear me, but when I am speaking I see the Team & Proximity come up bottom left but my name never displays when I speak ( I believe it is meant to?) I will let you know how I get on, but great that you are already looking at a fix for this.

Hi @chaton unfortunately it doesn't seem to have worked for me. I even uninstalled some virtual cable drivers i had in case it was interferring but my mic works in all other applications fine.

I also tried reinsalling my game today in a last ditch effort but no luck 😞

I've had friends have this issue when their default format isn't set to 16-bit, 44.1KHz quality on their microphone. Should look like this in your Windows mic properties:


@JoeK5142 Ah mine was on 24 bit, unfortunately I am done for the evening in terms of games but I've changed it to 16 bit and I will try it next time I am on, thank you!


Just wanted to say thanks for all the help to everyone.

Unfortunately I am still having no luck communicating with either my friend or the team.

Is there any idea of a fix that would be available as you mentioned previously @chaton?

Hey @Nickoglas,

Sorry for the late reply. This is a known issue that the team is working on.

@chaton No worries Chaton, thanks for keeping me in the loop, I'll just wait for an update 🙂

@chaton said in Unable to transmit VOIP sorry, know this has been posted but tried everything:

Hey @Nickoglas,

Sorry for the late reply. This is a known issue that the team is working on.

@chaton So just to confirm, its a known issue that comms aren't working?

I was trying to stream this last night and couldn't communicate with anyone. I thought my obs was screwing up.

@BogieSIX Yes, the team is working on the issue with the communication not working properly in-game.

Hi @chaton I played a few rounds last night and I still have no voip. Can hear others fine but mine just isn't transmitting still..

For reference I have no issues in other games and use teamspeak/discord with no issues

If there's anything you need me to provide that you could pass onto the team just let me know. It might be worth mentioning that I used quite a while back and never had any issues but since coming back a few months back it just hasn't seemed to work for me

Hey @Nickoglas , I had the same issue just recently. I don't know if this will fix your problem, but for me the following fixed it:


Go to settings > sound > input > device properties > advanced and uncheck the exclusive control check box.

For me the problem seemed to be that Discord (which you use while you play, just like me) took exclusive control of my microphone, and no other program on my PC could use it at the same time. Not even Audacity.
This fixed it for me, it might not work for you though. I can't say.

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@ham-cucumber Hey, Nice one! I will give this try and let you know

FWIW I have both of those boxes checked and don't have this issue. I even use Discord while playing.


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Yeah still no luck unfortunately. I've tried numerous different things. My mic also works fine when using the steam voice chat to do a "mic test" if that didn't work I'd assume it could be something on my end but because it does still a bit stuck.
I use an XLR mic via a usb interface but I even went back to using a modmic via USB and had the same.

Can anyone who's mic dose now work confirm if when you use the in game VOIP it comes up with your name in the bottom left when you're transmitting?

Hey, this only worked for me, I'm not saying it works for anyone else. Many fixes that were suggested also didn't work for me, but for other people. That's just how it is.

@Nickoglas it says [Team & ]Proximity in the lower left while transmitting.

@Nickoglas Are your audio drivers up to date, please?