Unable to transmit VOIP sorry, know this has been posted but tried everything

@JoeK5142 Thanks Joe, I do see that message, I couldn't remember if previously it displayed your name when transmitting to yourself, or only to other players

@chaton They are all up to date, I uninstalled my focusrite USB audio interface and recently reinstalled it. Is there a suggested bitrate you should use, I saw others post that it only worked at 44khz for example for them, the focusrite has 44k-192k available.

if there is anything else you need me to provide let me know, I've actually been away for a week so I haven't managed to do any testing since I last posted

I thought I'd update this as I found a fix which worked for me, this is very situational and it depends on your mic set up.

I realised that my issue was that my mic is an XLR mic going through a USB interface, technically it's connected to "channel 2" on the USB interface and although my mic works in Discord, and Windows and even VOIP in games such as Squad, Insurgency and a few other games weren't picking it up.

As soon as I switched my set up and connected it through channel one with a different cable it began working.

So if anyone is using an XLR mic and VOIP chat doesn't work for you, this could be the reason.

Thanks to everyone that helped

Hello @Nickoglas,

Thanks for giving us this information. We're happy that the issue has been fixed on your end.