Maybe I can set a record for how many times my game will frickin' crash in a single day


Regarding the "Please provide detailed information about what you were doing when the crash occured." I was playing the game... like frick! It's not like I was trying to set world record for most mollys burning at the same time...

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well its just you i never have that. reinstall yo game or verfy game files

Summer ambient temps can cause crashes when running fine before on lower ambient temps. My game started crashing due to this and I had to lower cpu overclock to get it stable again. Maybe something to consider if you run an overclock and already tried reinstall and config files delete.

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I actually changed my CPU clock from 4.7 GHz to 4.6 GHz because I suspect it is the processor.

Yea I had to go from 4.8 to 4.7. Mine runs fine at 4.8 below 20 deg C ambient but not above. I could up the vcore but it is a bit high as it is.

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@Dutchxarms Believe me, that isn't the issue. You have people withy 1080tis. Some of them get 100+ fps, some get under 30 fps.

@CatNipples Then some people's PC's are broken. The game actually runs pretty well for me recently.

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@Grave Just cos it runs well for you doesn't mean it runs badly for others cos their pc's are (broken) lmao.