Photorealism Using UE4

This short film shows off the potential of UE4. The simplicity of UE4 is amazing and it's not at the cost of options.

Also, did he say "FULLY OPTIMIZED FOR GAMES!"?
Maybe NWI could learn a thing or two from this...

Youtube Video

Ah, thats how we do it guys, we just need to use photorealistic graphics and the game will run smooth on even average hardware! Its so simple and easy that everyone can do it, sweet!

All ue4 games expect for epic’s own games suffer from a problem which pubg basically made. It’s where the engine isn’t optimized by itself and the devs have to optimize it by themselves.

It's just a tech demo, do you realise that? It's not a game.

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Hey, I think you put out a real interesting video, enjoyed watching it, pretty epic if we see games like that soon, I dont see myself as a graphic junkie, but that stuff looked amazing=) I just made a joke as the guy talking in the video sounded a bit optimistic and it hit me as funny, not with any negative intention. The potential IS really cool, its probably not that far away either. The hardware needed for such a game would probably be quite expensive!

Edit the potential IS really cool in games down the line, like maybe a decade from now, not like in I:S... If NWI bumped up the graphics it would be a disaster for gaming, as the hardware demand is still too high in Sandstorm, not on paper, but how it actually is performing and what rig you need to not experience stutter that makes it playable. And before some idiot start dropping their rig specs and fps range - I am talking about the percentage of the customer segment that should be included but is still experiencing too much stuttering because the game is badly optimized, not that players with good fps are nonexistent=)

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Cool but it wont happen, the game already runs like shit as is.

Besides even if it was "optimized" this wouldn't be implemented because it doesn't really fit for gameplay. Its a multiplayer fps why add more visual clutter and decrease readability? maybe for a singleplayer game but not for this.

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I can't tell you how many amazing tech demos I've seen like these over the decades (yes, I'm old). At best they were usually a glimpse into a future several years away. No one was ever going to create a game as demanding as the system requirements would've been prohibitive.

While the potential is cool, it's not realistic in the sense of practicality. Suggesting that the NWI can learn something from this demo is a little insulting to be honest. There are a lot of games out there running the same graphics engine (including AAA titles) and while some are amazing, none I've played or seen that are on the level of what is shown in that video.

Showing another game that is running on UE4 as an example of what you might want to see NWI do in I:S is another story. ....but then reality strikes again as NWI is a very small team with limited resources. the game isn't being sold at AAA prices.

Yeah, I've already seen that cool tech demo and it's neat to imagine how games might look in the future, but that's all it is at this point in time.

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I don't think they have been using UE for that long plus they were on Source before so I guess they have to learn a lot again. I'd say give them time and it will get much better, the game already looks pretty good rn imo so if it got better that'd be awesome.