Has Anyone Killed 0.5 People Before?

Just one of the funnier things I noticed when going thru the new campaign. I get that the call to arms function lowers boarding damage by half (so 1 dmg become 0.5), but I just find it funny trying to visualize it. Like perhaps it's a Slaaneshi marine taking his time, idk, anything's possible with the power of Chaos.
kill 0.5.jpg

Yo I find it even funnier to think that a 10 or so kilometer ship could literally have a crew of 54.

I always thought of the troop numbers representing at least 1 "squad" (or faction equivalent). Given the size of the ships though, it could well represent much more. I like the way y'all think though 😃

Based on the actual crew size its more along the line of 10000 men per "crew". Most Battleships have 200 000+ crewmen in 40k.

So congrats, you killed 5 000 men.