Just found out Frenzy mode is "limited time".

The most recent update of the game mentioned "several improvements to the limited time arcade mode ‘Frenzy’. "

I have had no idea that Frenzy was limited time only so I haven't played it much, why would you excise content that you made for your game? Limited time? Please just keep it available for us it's a fun side-mode and I want to get into it when I have the time but I work a lot.

So I'd feel insanely shorted if some day Frenzy mode magically disappeared before I'd gotten to enjoy it. Thanks for all your hard work devs, love the game!

Yes. It will be dead like TDM when the time is out. 400 posts thread on steam and they didnt say a word in the latest feedback.

Or MAYBE we will get an option to join matchmaked frenzy OR TDM. This would be sick, but i guess the technology is not here yet.

Thread on steam:

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