Explosives still not working

If the enemy is not visible from the origin of the blast, they will not receive any damage. They only work
on completely open terrain, and only if there isnt another player blocking the explosion.

I posted about this a few patches ago and nothing has changed, is it intentional that explosives cannot be reliably used?

For example i was trying to clear out a camper from the underground section on precinct, i shot 6 rpg rockets total and some underbarrel grenades within 1-2 meters from him and he was still there.

Another one: Just detonated an IED downstairs A insurgent push, guy was still prone there and killed me.

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This is getting kind of stupid: I shot a guy on stairs with rpg, hit on the step below him so he didnt die because the blast origin is not visible to him...

Yeah thats really stupid and I hope devs will fix it soon.

legit, if you are like one step below an explosion, it sometimes won't kill you. Also, since when were cardboard box blast proof?