ff,cl & ac not counting to tv

open stress test beta:

On team creation - fan factor, cheerleaders & assistant coaches do not add to team value.

Focus Team

Hello, can you be more specific please?
You mean if you use 900k in players and 100k in FF/CL/AC, your total TV will only be 900?

Yes thats pretty close to what i tested. Built a halfling team to 850tv - then spent 10k on
a cheerleader, another 10k on an assistant coach & 20k on FF.. TV remained 850tv.
I''ll try the same build again to double check & get back to you.

When you will exit team creation, TV will show the proper value.

can it be the result of the fact that every gold over 150k count on your TV ?

I just tried to create a halfling team, following what you said Mercy Flush and I was surprised to see a tV team at 850 even with only 11 halflings 🙂

after that, I remember that 850 is just 1000 - 150 (the amount of gold that is allowed before it counts on the TV 😉 ).

If you want to have less : upgrade your stadium ^^

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