In last free weekend Michael mentioned that these weapons will have counterparts for their opposite teams, so I would like to ask you what you think might be it.

To note some special features of the two weapons that might influence the weapons choice:

  • AS VAL - Integrally suppressed rifle. No pistol caliber, but special 9×39mm SP5.

  • IWI TAVOR-7 - 7.62 cartridge and bullpup.

My guess for the AS VAL would be the AAC Honey Badger, a .300 blackout cartridge, integrally suppressed carbine. I am not sure about the spread of its use, there may be another integrally suppressed NATO rifle I have forgotten about. For the counterpart of the Tavor-7, I would guess an OTs-14 Groza, just like the Tavor it is a bullpup 7.62 rifle. Even though it is quite an exclusive weapon, the Tavor-7 is not in military use yet, so that may allow exclusivity to be ignored for it's counterpart.

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