level up reward not cashing out

As you can see, the game doesn't pay out any credits for cosmetics despite the fact that I leveled up.


looks like you already got every credit in the game 😂

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@Sulfur Dude, I'm just reporting a bug I encountered, do you seriously need to go to every thread I made to leave a dipshit comment? Am I in your threads, saying random shit in broken english? No, I'm not. Now fuck off.

It's free forum, so you can't tell people what to do.
No reason to be mad, relax, I'm just kidding 😁

@Sulfur I wonder what he meant by "broken english"? 🙂

Hey all,

Be chill! It's a forum where people can freely discuss with each other, but in a polite way.

@ham-cucumber, Thanks for pointing this out. Does this still happen? It'll be passed on to the team.

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